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* Tektite Raw

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Tektite is a part on the meteor family, formed from Silica that has been impacted by a meteor. It is a tool for spiritual advancement, raising ones vibrations and strengthening the aura. Used in meditation, it aids in the expansion of ones consciousness, allowing a deeper insight to present situations or obstacles. It allows us to bring focus to what serves our highest good, leading us down a life changing path. Tektite creates a powerful energetic link between the lower and higher chakras, allowing all chakras to align and open. Using Tektite regularly in spiritual work helps to enhance ones psychic abilities and allows the veil between dimensions to be thinned, placed under the pillow it assists in lucid dreaming and astral travel. Tektite is seen as a talisman of luck and helps to enhance and accelerate healing of illnesses and injuries. 

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