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Tarot & Oracle Information


Tarot cards can be used to help us know ourselves better, help us make decisions and understand why things happen to us. Tarot can help us understand human nature and find our purpose in life.  The pictures on the tarot cards help to understand the encounters we may have in life, such as, joy, new beginnings, togetherness, heartaches, patience, determination, reflection, decision- making and so much more.


Tarot Origin

Tarot cards origin is unknown but they were used in China in the eleventh century. There is some evidence linking its origin to India and to Buddhism although there are theories linking it to Egypt, where the priesthood used them.  Up until the 19th century tarot decks remained unchanged. Now there are many different sets to choice from. 


Tarot Basics

A traditional tarot deck has 78 cards, 22 of which are Major Arcana and depict the major changes on our life path. The remaining 56 cards are known as Minor Arcana that expand on the themes of the Major Arcana cards. When placed in specific spreads they can be read to determine your questions or can provide an open reading.

Tarot can help to map out trends in our future but should not be mistaken for giving us direct answers to how our future will lay out before us. It is best to use tarot to address current issues or questions in your life. Just because tarot cards may tell you at 20 you will marry at 30 doesn’t mean that you will not meet the man you will marry soon after the reading.

There are two types of tarot readings with many different spreads to choose from. There is an open reading that addresses larger aspects of life rather than a specific question or issues. Then there is a question reading. The cards will not give a straight yes or no answer to your question but will help guide you to make a decision yourself. For example if you ask the cards “should I take this job offer”, they will relay the issues and help clarify your perspective, so you can make a decision.  It’s about taking the insight from the cards and making an informed choice. It’s important to approach tarot with good and positive intentions. If you are reading the cards, look quickly for an answer and don’t see the answer you expected other important guidance could be missed.


How to Start

The Rider Waite deck is the most widespread and most original deck that you can use. The energy on these cards is portrayed very clearly. Although there are many different decks and it is important to pick a deck that you feel drawn to. This is how you know that the energy of the cards are in tone with you. The next question to ask is what spread to use when reading your tarot cards. There are many different books to help guide you in what would work best on the day or for particular questions. There are also books to help learn how to read the cards themselves. Feel free to ask our staff in store or online for recommendation on what books can guide you in your tarot readings.


Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards 

Tarot cards are more traditional than oracle cards. They have 78 cards, most of the time, and have a common theme. The pictures on tarot decks are derived from the original waite rider deck were as oracle cards can have a variety of themes. Oracle is much easier to read for beginners, either displaying the meaning on the card or has a book that tells you the meaning of each card. Oracle cards are much lighter, and can be read quickly, for everyday guidance or motivation, whereas Tarot should be looked at closely because a meaning can be hidden within the cards illustrations.