Huntsville, Ontario

A Crystal Guide for Physical and Emotional Symptoms and Life Milestones

Friendship: Rose Quartz for compassion and love, Lapis Lazuli for communication, Malachite for strengthening bonds.

Love: Rose Quartz for compassion, love, and self love, Rhodonite nurtures love and clears past wounds.

Grief: Amethyst for soothing worry and anxiety, Lepidolite balances emotions and eases difficult transitions.

Prosperity: Citrine for financial abundance, Aventurine for good fortune and helps to bring back lost wealth, Pyrite and Jade for good luck and attracts abundance.

New Home: Black Tourmaline is protective and wards off negativity, Clear Quartz purifies, amplifies, balances and removes blockages.

New Job: Moonstone for new beginnings, Clear Quartz for clarifying and amplifying, Aventurine and Jade for good luck.

Anxiety and Stress: Amethyst calms nerves and soothes worry, Howlite relieves stress and balances emotions.

Insomnia: Howlite calms and balances emotions and thoughts, Blue Lace Agate for serenity and eases negative thoughts.

Pregnancy: Moonstone is divine feminine energy and fertility. Rose Quartz for unconditional and Universal love.

Exhaustion: Tourmalated Quartz: Clear Quartz purifies and energizes, Black Tourmaline protects and rids negativity.

Injury Healing: Bloodstone detoxifies and fortifies, Hematite is packed with Iron, helps circulation, Red Jasper eases digestive issues, Jade boosts immunity and soothes joint pain.

Weight Loss: Apatite for a hunger suppressant and optimism, Moonstone balances hormones and emotions.

Enhancing Intuition and Connection: Amethyst calms, removes energy blocks, and teaches you trust, Lapis Lazuli connects you to your inner guidance, amplifies energy and frequencies, Labradorite protects your Aura and helps to develop your psychic abilities.

Focus and Learning: Fluorite helps focus the mind and eases chaos, Malachite for concentration and focus.

Grounding: Hematite is protective and turns negative energy into positive, Black Tourmaline protects against negativity and helps purify the physical body, Red Jasper creates balance and stability and has a strong Earth connection.

Cleansing: Selenite dispels negativity and creates a peaceful space and cleanses other crystals, Quartz is the master healer and holds very high energy, and amplifies all positive energy, Shungite cleanses mental, emotional and physical imbalances and lessens EMF emissions.

Communication: Sodalite calms the mind and balances emotions making way for clear communication, Blue Calcite is comforting and calming, it soothes nerves to build optimism for positive communication, Angelite improves communication on all levels it assists channeling, telepathy, and communicating with young children.