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Snow Quartz Tumbled

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Snow Quartz is a stone of clarity and innocence; with a gentle and more soothing vibration then clear Quartz. It brings out ones innocence and inn child-like wonder, inspiring us to see the magic that surrounds us in the world. It has an uplifting energy that makes you feel as though you are limitless. Snow Quartz soothes the mind and rids of negative thoughts and emotions, giving you support when going through life lessons and bringing a more positive perspective. It heightens ones intuition and mental clarity, allowing new things to be learned and retained effortlessly and with confidence. It helps to sharpen the mind and keep you alert and focused in tense or chaotic times.  Used in meditation it connects you to your inner power, strengthening your spiritual will and assisting in connecting to the higher self and spirit guides. Because of the positive energies surrounding it Snow Quartz is known to bring luck and prosperity to ones life.

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Want more information?
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