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Setting Intentions

Setting Intentions

Setting an intention is the action of deciding what you are going to accomplish and then focusing energy towards it. By setting an intention at the beginning of the day, before a ritual, spell or meditation we are amplifying the energy that is going to be placed into what we want to achieve.

Intentions can include a morning intention “ I am going to flow with what is thrown at me today. I will have a positive attitude no matter what comes at me today.” with this intention your mind is set to think more positively no matter what comes your way. If the intention was not set before it can sometimes be harder to stay positive when a negative person or situation comes your way.

Setting intentions before a ritual, spell or meditation is a powerful use of intentions. Since spells, rituals and meditations are typically focused already setting a strong intention is going to amplify and focus energy greatly towards your intended outcome. For example if you wish to do a love spell to open the heart to receive love, you will gather your candles, crystals and other items and follow your spell outline. If you take a moment to set your intention “ I open my heart to receive love.” you are focusing the mind into this one purpose.

When setting an intention it is good to set a focused intention without getting too specific. Maybe you are trying to get a new job. You have one in mind that you think is perfect, but this may not be your best universal path. By setting your intention as “ I open myself to receive a new path in the line of work I love.” this will allow the universe to guide you to what will serve you best on your path.

Many of you have heard me talk about setting an intention into crystals. I find this is another powerful way of setting an intention. I find myself using quartz most often but all crystals can be charged with an intention. Most crystals have more than on property and can be used for a variety of healing, spiritual connection etc. by setting an intention into a crystal it focuses the vibrations of your crystal. For example I have a wand that has been programmed to help move energy in and out of my chakras, I have another quartz point that has been programmed to be focused on my creative body.

When preforming a ritual or spell that includes crystals you can set an intention at the beginning of your spell and then again into each crystal that you use during the spell. For example if you are making a ‘wealth’ sachet you may use a green candle to bring in prosperity ( which is also bringing in an intention) followed by putting patchouli, tigers eye, aventurine and citrine into the sachet, while placing each item into the sachet you can set that crystal or herb with the same intention you set at the beginning of your spell.

Setting an intention is easy but powerful. It is a perfect way to amplify energy towards something you want and to help you achieve it. Remember when setting intentions it is good to be realistic. “ I am going to make a comfortable living this year.” over “ I am going to make one million dollars this year”. Your intentions are also more likely to be heard and focused by divine energies if they are not egotistical. When setting your intentions remember the universe has a plan for you. What is best for you and your true life purpose may not be exactly what you think, so be open minded with your intentions and allow the universe to guide you.

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