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A Little Samhain History

Samhain marks the feast of the dead and the end of the year in the Celtic pagan calendar. At this time the harvest season ends and they give thanks and gratitude for that years harvest by feasting with friends and family.

It is believed at this time the veil between this world and the other world are at its thinnest and spirits can easily cross over between worlds. Samhain gave people an opportunity to interact with those lost from this world. Some souls have not yet passed on and can at this time be guided to the other world, while other spirits have passed over and come back with wisdom or a task. Offerings from the seasons harvest were left outside of homes for the spirits and loved ones who may visit. Many people at this time would wear animal skins, antlers or paint to make themselves look like an animal to protect themselves against sprits that may wish to take them.

Although Celtic Pagans seem to have been one of the first to celebrate Samhain it became more wide spread and traditions began to change. Christians adopted it as hallows eve followed after by saints day, the principle of honouring the dead stayed the same.

In most recent history we celebrate this day as halloween.




Samhain is celebrated on October 31 to November 1st in more modern day traditions.  It is at this time that the veil between this world and the other is at its thinnest allowing spirits and fairies to pass from one world to the other with ease. Samhain also represents the end of the year for some and starting on November 1st we enter the darker days the days of the dark goddess.

There are many ways to celebrate Samhain in modern day culture. This is a perfect time to honour those that we have lost. You can do this in many ways by placing out photos of them and leaving an offering of their favourite food. You can also pay tribute and respect to all of your ancestors or sprits passing by with an offering of foods of the season including nuts, berries, apples, fresh breads, meats or items of this seasons harvest. Any Ancestral work at this time can be powerful. If you open yourself up to the spirits that pass through you may pick up on the wisdom they have to offer you. By placing a white candle in the window on October 31st you can help guide the spirits from this world to the other.

Depending on your believes and how open you are there are many ways to celebrate Samhain.


Samhain Herbs

Mugwort - to heighten connection with spirits and invite them in.

Chrysanthemum - protection and connection.

Marigold - to connect to sprits, ancestors or lost loved ones.

Thyme - for protection

Cinnamon - for protection, love and seasonal offering.

Dragons blood - for protection.

Rosemary - for remembrance and love of those lost. To connect to ancestors. 

Bay leaf- for intention setting and protection. 

Acorns, apples, pine needles, pumpkin, garlic- all make great seasonal offerings.


Samhain Crystals 

Black obsidian, black tourmaline, hematite - for protection.

Bloodstone, Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Amber, selenite, amethyst - for ancestral connection. 


Samhain Rituals

You can keep its simple by having a feast with loved ones or tune into our instagram account for some Samhain ritual ideas leading up to the October 31st.

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