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Dreams are as much a part of us as our everyday reality, it fuels the sub-conscious and helps pave the way for practical existence. By learning to remember, guide and expand our dreams we can access information, higher guidance and visions of possible realities. There are many ways to expand your dream work using meditation, crystals, tarot and many other tools. 

Dream Recall is a very important aspect in recognizing one’s fate and existence. Dreams can mean a multitude of things and can be extremely difficult to navigate. Symbology of one’s everyday life, stresses to contentment, affect the way our dreams transcribe and manifest, adding to the experience of our prolonged existence.

The Akashic Records is a non-physical realm of existence which functions as an energetic and vibrational storehouse of the cosmos. This realm is accessible through intense meditative practices or in the dream world allowing one to retrieve guidance and compassion from past loved ones. These retrievals assist in healing, clarity and realignment with one’s self. The Akashic Records hold the light of all things and within it lies every thought, moment and deed of all being’s since their soul’s inception.

Lucid Dreaming is the ability to realize one is in a dream and gain control over its narrative. According to research over half the population at some point has experienced lucid dreaming and ten percent of the population is known to have experienced them once or twice a month. For most people lucid dreams occur spontaneously during REM sleep but some people have trained themselves to bring on lucid dreams. The potential of lucid dreaming varies greatly among trained individuals and some have been known to change nightmares into therapeutic dream states. This practice is known as lucid dream therapy and can be very beneficial during times of debilitating reoccurring nightmares. Some people have even been known to conquer phobias by creating lucid dream environments to challenge their fears while feeling less threatened.  For many trained lucid dreamers the draw is purely for creative and spiritual purposes, allowing them to explore their imagination and the inner workings of the cosmos. There are many techniques individuals use to train to become a practiced lucid dreamer. One technique involves practicing dream-like motions when awake to better realize when one is dreaming, like a reality check. For example when awake ask yourself if you are dreaming and attempt to pass your hand through a wall, continuing this practice when dreaming will allow you to realize you are in a dream and eventually train one to maintain a lucid dream state. Waking back to bed is another technique which usually requires an alarm set 5-6 hours after falling asleep. After remaining awake for some time the individual returns to sleep and this can stimulate immediate REM, accessing the dream realm much more efficiently. Keeping a dream journal can be very helpful for requiring lucid dreams because the more awareness and memory of dreams indicates the potential for lucid states. Meditation is also a great tool for enhancing the ability for lucid dreaming, it allows for the better understanding of dream states and one’s capacity to explore them.

Well experienced lucid dreamers can begin to access their inner psychs and even the collective unconsciousness. Dreamers can shift through moments in time like doors down a hallway. They can begin to understand the Akashic Records and piece together fabrics of time. Having these abilities can help with self-healing by coming to terms with inner emotional wounds and unsettled memories.



Herbs for Dreamwork

Mugwort: enhances psychic abilities and promotes spirit connections. 

Sweet grass: Sacred herb for positivity.

Chamomile: calms the mind for easier and more receptive sleep. 

Blue Lotus Flower: to enhance visions.

Mullien: to ward off bad dreams.

Passionflower: to bring a calm mind state and an open dream space.

Rosemary: for protection and to enhance dream recall.


Crystals for Dreamwork

Herkimer Diamond: awakens the third eye. Powerful record keeper. Helps with dream recall. Clears blockages in aura that may prevent lucid dreaming.

Lemarium Seed Quartz: said to hold ancient wisdom of the lemarium people. Having this stone can allow you to tap into their power, wisdom and possibly help you travel to the akashic records.

Moldavite: extraterrestrial connections. Takes you out of your comfort zone to intuitively connect to subconscious. Powerful emery amplifier. Enhances intuition and astral travel. 

Opal: promotes psychic and mystical visions. Clears consciousness of blockages. Connected to ancient energy. 

Chlorite Inclusions:activates lucid dreaming, and astral travel. Beautiful spiritual connecting energies. 

Peridot: Connects you to higher power. High vibrations that carry ancient knowledge. 

Quartz: amplifier. Opens crown to work with higher energies. Focuses intention to dream consciously. 

Sugilite: Grounds the third eye to help you feel less scattered when in physical reality. Helps focus thoughts and experiences. Works out blockages from third eye that may prevent lucid dreaming. 


Place around your set  :

Apatite: useful for past life work. Opens kundalini energy. Awakens higher self. Calms the mind. 

Angelite: opens the mind completely. Calls in spirit guides. 

Black Moonstone: teaches awareness of unconscious mind. Promotes good sleep, 

Garnet: Grounding and connected to past and ancient energy. 

Rainbow obsidian : allows you to work on emotional issues to become more spiritually open and connected. Protective. 

Super Seven:  allows emotional healing that can lead to a deeper spiritual connection. Opens third eye. Allows openness.
Lapis lazuli: Helps with dream recall like no other stone. 

Blue calcite: calms the mind for good sleep. Promotes conscious Dreams.

Rutilated Quartz: for connecting to angel and spirit guides. 

Hematoid quartz: grounds and protects. Connects self to spiritual world. 

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