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Bringing in Protection & Good Health With Crystals & Herbs

Bringing in Protection & Good Health With Crystals & Herbs

I feel many people are looking towards crystals and herbs right now for protection and good health. Today I am going to share with you ways in which I use crystals and herbs to bring protection and healing to myself and to my home.

There are many different protection crystals: black tourmaline, black obsidian, onyx, garnet, smoky quartz, jet, amethyst, jasper, and so many more. And even more for healing purposes. Just because I use one over another doesn’t mean it's the crystal for you. I would like to encourage you to use your own intuition and do not ignore the call or pull you get from another crystal.

In times like this I feel that healing and protection go hand in hand. I use both herb and crystals  to bring in protection, good health and a sense of peace to the home and self.

For those of you that don't already know me I live in an RV and have the entire thing gridded. It has two large windows at the back, 3 in the middle and the large driving windows at the front. Every room or home is going to have a different layout so you will need to go what feels best for you a little when using this method.


Gridding your entire home, room or office for protection:

I use Black Tourmaline, Selenite and Kyanite. I place Black Tourmaline in each corner, and around the doors. I then add selenite to the windows and kyanite at the door, corners and some windows, only because I have a bit of a kyanite obsession. Placing Kyanite at the door and corner works great as well. I use this combination because I find these crystals work well together. The black tourmaline is a strong protective, grounding and stabilizing stone. Placing it around the outside of your space gives a strong protective barrier. I use kyanite for its cleansing properties. It cleanses aways negativity and brings a calming and more peaceful space. Having Kyanite and Black Tourmaline working together it brings a shield that turns away negativity and keeps in the positive, protected, healing space. I then add selenite to the mix for an extra cleansing effect. Selenite clears energy much like the kyanite but I find its energy a little more motivating and uplifting compared to the kyanite, so i find that makes a nice balance. If you have space in the middle you can add a quartz tower to amplify the grid. For me I have quartz in and amongst my entire RV  so I find that works okay for me.


Gridding on a Table

Not everyone can grid their entire space. Either you share the space with others or you just don’t want crystals in every corner or window. That’s okay. You can use the same method by placing a grid in one spot within the home, office, or room and bring in the intention that it is meant to protect the entire space. If you aren’t following us on instagram already, we do many different grids there that will give you examples of how to do these types of grids.


Herbs & Smudge for Protection & Health

The best and most common way of using plant matter in the home is pick up some white sage and smudge your space. White Sage is tested to be an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and some tests show anti-insect-aside properties as well. Those of you in Muskoka who have used it outside in bug season will definitely agree on that point. White Sage is said to kill up to 94% of bacteria in the air for up to 24 hours. White Sage is also commonly used to cleanse and recharge crystals. I use white sage daily, to cleanse myself, my crystals and my space. This keeps everything charged and I find it brings a sense of calm.

There are also many other herbs you can use for health and wellness in the home. There are many types of smudging herbs, teas, and cooking spices that all promote health and wellness. I drink tea daily, it changes depending on my mood. I also cook using large amounts of herbs and spices both grown and dried by me and from the store. Many of which have amazing health benefits and some even protective properties such as: black pepper.

There are many herbal mixes, spells or rituals you can do as well that promote good health. We also give many examples of how on our instagram. One of my favourites in making the herbal candles.


Herbs and Crystals

Many of these methods, including gridding, making sachet or candle magick, can use both herbs and crystals. When making grids I often add herbs including: Salt for its cleansing properties, juniper berries or black pepper for protection, flowers to bring in the essence of spring, new beginnings, personal growth or Mother Earth, Eucalyptus, pine and peppermint for their healing properties, chamomile for its calming effect and the list goes on. I sometimes use a Salt and quartz circle to provide a protective shield of energy around me during meditation. I find it can provide comfort when opening up to explore new energies.

Sachets are easily made and very effective. All you need is a bag, the desired herbs, crystals and other items you wish to add.  I have had some health issues this winter before all this COVID 19 started and made myself a sachet with peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper berries and quartz in it and placed it above the bed. The combination of these herbs are protective and promote healing and good health. The quartz amplifies the properties of the herbs and provides healing of its own. With these health issues being mainly resolved I have now recently recharged this and reset its intension.


As you can see there are endless ways to use your crystals and herbs for healing and protection. There are also so many other things you can add to these practices. For example: candles, talismans, mediation, yoga, sound therapy, colour therapy, nature walks and so much more. But at least this gives you some ideas of where to start or what you can add to your own practices. We also carry many guide books that can help you discover even more rituals, spells or practices. AND Please remember how important your own intuition is. Use these methods or others as a guide and allow yourself to change and follow what you feel is best.

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