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Amphibole Quartz Bracelet

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Amphibole Quartz is also known as Angel phantom Quartz. Each piece of amphibole Quartz is very different depending on its inclusions but all have a strong connection to our spiritual side. Amphibole Quartz connects us to a higher level of spiritual experience. Many who first bond with this crystal will feel it’s energies connecting with them immediately through a tingle. Amphibole Quartz allows one to transform and grow spiritually. When used during meditation it calms the mind and allows the crown chakra to open and build a strong connection with your higher self. Amphibole Quartz is a great tool for connecting to your spirit guides, Angel guides and higher beings. Amphibole Quartz brings clarity and connection to your true path and when placed on the third eye it can connect and allow full understanding of universal love. 

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