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Renew Aromatic Face Serum

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can be used as a skin serum or for aromatherapy

can be used for aromatherapy or as a skin serum

Lavender- strengthens capillaries to reduce redness, anti-inflammatory and anti microbial to help heal blemishes; relaxing, stress reducing

Geranium- helps promote cellular regeneration improving appearance and texture of skin; stress reducing, uplifting

Jasmine- soothes  the skin, increases cellular turnover, balances oil production, and reduces the appearance of scars; mood boosting

Calendula- aids in healing, soothes, adds hydration, promotes collagen production, increases blood flow, and contains antioxidants to prevent wrinkles. 

Rosewood- adds an aromatherapy benefit to reduce stress

Sandalwood- hydrating and soothing to the skin; creates feeling of peace and calm

Juniper- assists in lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation, contains vitamin c which is an antioxidant that neutralizes free-radicals- boosts cellular regeneration; can help regulate hormones, 

Frankincense- Acts as an astringent, stimulates cell regeneration, stimulates circulation

Tree agate- Stimulates blood flow, improves hydration

Bloodstone-Reduces inflammation, improves circulation

Violet flowers- Soothes, and promotes lymphatic drainage

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