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Titanium Obsidian Tumbled

In stock

This stone has many names, titanium obsidian, rainbow obsidian, rainbow aura, and the list goes on. Titanium obsidian is a titanium rainbow aura obsidian, which means titanium and sometime cobalt is bonded to obsidian using a high heat and pressure. 

Titanium Obsidian is a stone of healing, abundance, cleansing, amplitude and psychic and spiritual advancements. Being obsidian based it is highly grounding, protective and rids of negativity from all sources. While the obsidian heals emotional trauma the titanium aids in spell work and meditation. When used  during meditation this stone will deepen the meditative state and spiritual alignments. Titanium Obsidian is a good tool for exploring psychic abilities, spiritual work and exploration, telepathy, cleansing the aura, healing and other spiritual and energy work. 

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