Prehnite Tumbled

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Prehnite is a calcium Aluminum Silicate mineral that was discovered in the 18th century. It was known as the stone of prophecy and shamanism.

Prehnite has gentle energies that help with spiritual work, energy work and energy movement of all kinds. When used for meditation Prehnite calms and focuses the mind, it enhances lucid dreaming and helps one remember and reflect on the past. Prehnite holds Earth and Water elements and re-vitalizes the energy field by grounding you to Mother Earth. Prehnite renews Chi energy and strengthens the flow of vital energies in the body. Prehnite balances the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras and connects the Heart to the Heart of the Planet. Known to be a stone of unconditional love, joy and peace of mind all will enjoy the loving, soothing and connecting energies of Prehnite.

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