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Porcelain Jasper

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Porcelain Jasper is a gentle stone of relaxation. It provides a calming, nurturing and stabilizing feeling in its user and can allow you to face past decisions and wrong life paths with clarity. Porcelain Jasper balances mood swings, calms emotions, provides mental strength and brings energy to the physical body. By releasing stress Porcelain Jasper reminds you to live in the moment. Porcelain Jasper is highly connected to the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras and is deeply connected to Earth energies. Porcelain Jasper has been used in the past by shamans for its protective quality and the fact that it absorbs negativity so effectively. Porcelain Jasper should be carried often and over long periods of time. As you carry this stone longer it brings more peace into life. 

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Want more information?
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