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Opal Tumbled

In stock

Opal is a stone of “happy dreams and change” it encourages inner growth by providing inspiration, creativity, motivation and success. It helps to shield you from absorbing others negative thoughts and energies. Opal shows you where to direct your energy in a positive way, helping to ease restless thoughts, stress and depression. It inspires positive change and brings happiness by showing you that you have unlimited potential. Opal encourages you to express your true self, making you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. It encourages you to be more spontaneous and live life to its fullest. It promotes kindness, love, passion and generosity. Opal provides support to mothers-to-be, helping to dissolve any fear, worry or doubts during pregnancy and the early years of a new born. It is soothing to children who have trouble sleeping or have recurring nightmares, promoting peaceful sleep and happy dreams

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