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Nuummite Tumbled

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Nuumite is one of the oldest minerals on earth, also referred to as the “Sorcerer’s stone” it attunes to the Earth and draws its energies for grounding in times of need. It is highly protective against negative energies from outside sources as well as ones that may be coming from within. Nuummite allows deep healing for those who are ready to face what they may have been avoiding about themselves. It allows one to see their self clearly by helping to develop a deep connection to the psyche. This allows one to discover hidden fears, guilt, shame or hurt, which helps one to understand and heal what lies beneath our mind and actions. It increases ones insight and clairvoyance by helping to reprogram ones thought process and rids of what holds us back in order to reach our highest potential. Nuumite is a powerful stone for Shamans, as well as anyone who is undergoing spiritual growth.

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