Moss Agate Tower 190 mm Height

Moss Agate is the crystal of new beginnings. It has a strong connection to nature and carries the Earth's healing energies. It brings an inner calm allowing for personal growth. It attracts abundance and rebirth. Plants love it.
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Moss Agate is a stone of abundance and new beginnings. It has a strong connection to nature, bringing the earths energies into healing. Moss Agate helps to release old habits creating stability and balance to ones life and bringing peace to the mind. It improves self-esteem, helps bring inner calm and releases any fears allowing room for personal growth. It helps to overcome negativity and bring in love, promoting patience.  It is great for enhancing mental concentration, persistence and endurance, strengthening the body in times of stress.  Moss Agate attracts wealth, abundance and personal re-birth.

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