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Moldavite is a form of natural glass, created from the impact of a meteor to our Earth, which crashed 14.8 million years ago in Czechoslovakia. A fusion of Earthly and extraterrestrial energies, it vibrates at a very intense frequency. Moldavite brings dramatic transformation to ones life, enhancing spiritual development, and connecting one to the gifts of the universe. It allows the heart and mind to work together, allowing one to make well thought out decisions and inspiring unexpected solutions. Moldavite releases any beliefs or emotions that are holding us back and no longer serve us. It allows past traumas and emotional wounds to come to the surface so that they can be honored as a part of us and released. Moldavite is a powerful tool in meditation and dream work, increasing ones intuition, telepathy and helping one to understand guidance they may be receiving from a higher power. It is beneficial to star children and sensitive souls, allowing them to understand their purpose on Earth, easing any feelings of homesickness, doubt, worry and anxiety.
*It is important to use a grounding stone while working with Moldavite*

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