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Malachite Barite Azurite

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Malachite is a powerful stone with intense energies, it is known as a “stone of transformation”. Malachite is very protective, absorbing negativity and pollutants from a person and space. It is useful in deep energy cleansing, drawing out impurities and allowing one to heal both physically and emotionally.  Malachite breaks unwanted ties and outgrown patterns, encouraging needed risk-taking for one to change situations. Malachite battles depression and anxiety, heals emotional abuse, and helps one to overcome fear, especially fear of confrontation. It encourages expression of feelings and supports empathy, helping to create healthy relationships. It brings one strength to find their rightful place and purpose in the universe.

*Malachite absorbs and holds negative energy,
so should be cleansed often*


This gemstone draws you in with its vivid colour created by a millennia of reactions between copper, hydrogen, carbonate and oxygen. A stone for those needing creative inspiration or for those seeking inner wisdom, azurite is a motivator for focusing energy. Awakening the third eye chakra, it enhances intuition and guides you to declutter what is getting in your way emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. Used during meditation, it can bring you to a higher level of consciousness that works it’s way down into the throat and heart chakras, giving you back your voice to be assertive and reignite your passionate in what you are seeking.

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