Landscape Quartz Tower

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Lodolite is also known as landscape, scenic and garden Quartz. It consists of chlorite, feldspar and many other minerals. It has a strong, soothing energy, bringing on a deep meditative states quickly. Lodolite helps one overcome personal challenges and encourages you to take risks and try new things. It is a great stone for spiritual awakening and growth, increasing spiritual energy allowing better communication with spirits or higher beings. Lodolite aligns the chakras and cleanses the aura, inner soul and environment around you. Lodolite allows access to past lives and helps release any past life trauma or distressed memories. It also allows more lucid dreaming.

Chlorite: Is typically green, but can come in grey, brown, pink or white. Chlorite forms in phantoms, cloudy patches, or spherical masses. Chlorite has a high vibration and is a very effective healing tool. It helps detox the body and cleanses the bodies energy field. Chlorite has a profound connection to the Natural world and Earth energies. Chlorite balances the energy body and the emotional body in particular.

Iron & Hematite: Come in a variety of colours: orange, yellow, golden-yellow which are all known as Hematoid quartz. It can also come in brown, red, orange-red and black which are known as Harlequin Quartz. Hematite inclusion properties vary depending on the colour of inclusion. Hematite inclusions target the lower chakras for deep healing and to keep you grounded and protected. These inclusions connect higher self with spiritual world and connect the heart, mind, body and soul. Colours of red bring in passion and the Fire Element energies.

Phantoms: During the growth cycle of a crystal another mineral washes onto the crystal and the original growth continues on top. Chlorite connects deeply with Earth energies allowing powerful insights and spiritual inspiration. Chlorite is a powerful tool for meditation and can be used to break blockages and connect you to the spirit world.

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