Jasper Tumbled red/brown

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Red Jasper is a stone of endurance that brings strength, stamina, focus, energy and determination. It calms ones emotional body, soothing the nerves and creating balance, stability and strength to the aura. Red Jasper is a powerful protection stone, keeping you grounded and calm while eliminating negativity from your energetic field. It brings passion and creativity, helping one to create and complete goals. It brings the courage to allow you to face unpleasant tasks, and to look past the ego to admit and fix when you may have been wrong. Used in meditation it provides stability to the root and sacral chakras, aiding in the rise of Kundalini energy. It has a deep connection to Earth energies, spirits and guides, making it a powerful stone for Shamans and those who work with Earth energies. Red Jasper helps to increase focus when establishing spiritual discipline.

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