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Galaxite Tumbled

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Galaxite is also known as Galaxynite and Manganspinel. Galaxite is part of the Feldspar family but is relatively newly discovered. Those who found it believe that Galaxite was given to the Humans by Angels to help us cope with this ever changing and stressful life.

Galaxite has a very distinct vibration and is known to be one of the best stones for cleansing, energizing and balancing the Aura. It repairs and prevents energy leaks from the Aura and provides it with a protective shield. Galaxite is protective and grounding while travelling to other realms or while working with energies. Galaxite is known to be a stone of transformation and growth. It helps those who are closed to open up to new exploration both physically and mentally. Galaxite stimulates intuitive growth and astral travel. Galaxite connects you to higher realms, spirit guides, guardian angels and higher dimensions. Galaxite will not only help you on your spiritual connection and journey but it will give you guidance to where your next life adventure will take you. This stone will help you with change and encourage you to never stop changing and growing.

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