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Cinnabar is a mercury sulphide mineral that forms around volcanic vents and hot springs. Cinnabar is a toxic stone and should be handled with cation.

Cinnabar is a stone of Alchemy and Magic. It allows one to shift reality and energy. Cinnabar is linked to the Root, Sacral and 3rd Eye Chakras, allowing one to stay grounded while accessing higher self and working on spiritual transformation. Being linked to the 3rd Eye, Cinnabar brings increased creativity and great insight, teaching inner wisdom and allowing one to see energy and learn how to move it more clearly. Cinnabar stimulates Kundalini energy, encourages flow of Chi and removes blockages from the energy field. By bringing insights, and understanding of energy into clear vision Cinnabar allows you to see and follow your spiritual path clearly and without hesitation. Cinnabar is connected to the God Mercury.

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