Charoite and Onyx Bracelet 8mm with Raw

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Charoite is a fairly rare and new stone, discovered in Russia in the 1940s along the Chara River. Charoite is a stone of transformation; it provides a strong physical and emotional healing energy and opens you up to spiritual guidance. It inspires you to live in the moment, allowing you to accept life as it happens and to see the good in every situation. Charoite helps you harness your inner power, making you feel like you can achieve anything, bringing courage, flexibility and creativity. It brings clarity and focus, helping to ease confusion and de-clutter the mind. Charoite provides you with a more relaxed attitude, allowing you to explore and heal the source of your fears and helps to shield from negativity. It helps release any compulsions, temper, frustration, worry, and eases fears/phobias of illness, pain and death. It brings comfort and emotional healing to those who may feel lonely or alienated. Charoite helps to overcome insomnia and other sleeping disorders, providing a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Charoite is also a great companion to those with ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s, helping to calm and sooth the nerves.

denial, assisting in the healing process of acceptance and moving forward.

Onyx known to be the “Master of one’s destiny” is a stone of strength and protection, connecting, grounding and stabilizing the body to Earth energies. It provides protection by absorbing and transforming negative energy and helps to prevent one’s personal energy of being drained. It helps to ground and stabilize the emotions while building physical and emotional strength. Onyx provides strength in confusing or stressful times, calming any anxiety, nervousness and fear. It helps to sooth tempers, and brings self-control, self-confidence and focus aiding in wise decision-making. It provides the inner-strength to allow one to re-evaluate and release old habits or relationships that may be holding one back. Onyx is a great support stone for those who may be grieving or in denial, assisting in the healing process of acceptance and moving forward.

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