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Boulder Opal Bracelet

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Boulder Opal takes millions of years to form. When silica from decaying rocks and water mix and seep into cracks of a type of sandstone know as ironstone it creates boulder Opal over time. Different pressures and temperatures create the unique colours and patterns over the years and makes every piece uniquely different. 

Boulder Opal is prominent through history. Greeks believed it gives powers of foresight and prophecy. The Romans took it as a token of hope and purity. Eastern groups thought of it as sacred and Arabs believe it fell from the heavens. Boulder Opal has many mysteries and wonders lying within its shimmers and light. It also uniquely holds the powers of all elements. Earth and water come together to create fire. By adding the presents of air, this opal was brought to humans to use for the highest element, spirit. Boulder Opal although having vast and powerful energy, can calm the inner soul, bring self awareness and reflection and can bring deep progress, expansion and development to ones life. 

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