Blue Fluorite Tumbled

Fluorite is linked to the mind, and makes an excellent learning aid. It helps to focus the mind, and organize and process information. It helps to cleanse negative energy and helps to protect against computer and electromagnetic smog
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Fluorite is highly protective and stabilizing, it is linked to the mind and makes an excellent learning aid. It heightens ones intuition and focuses the mind, helping to organize and process information. Fluorite helps to over come chaos and reorganizes the physical, emotional and mental body, allowing one to create structure in their daily life. It draws off negative energy and stress, and cleanses and purifies anything within the body that isn’t in perfect order. Fluorite is also a powerful stone against computer and electromagnetic smog.

Blue : Linked to the throat chakra. Calms emotions and supports communication.

Green: linked to the heart. Harmonizes all chakras and rebalances hormones.

Purple: linked to third eye. Balances spiritual energy and strengthens intuition. 

Yellow: connected to the solar plexus. It enhances creativity, intellect, and visualization.

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