Imbolc is the Celtic holiday that falls between the Winter and  Summer solstices. It celebrates the coming of Spring and warmer brighter days. The Celtic goddess Brighid is associated with Imbolc and represents fire and fertility. This makes Imbolc a magical time of feminine energy and new beginnings. 



There are many rituals that celebrate Imbolc and its promise of warmer days. These rituals can be for solitary practicers or as a small group. 


Imbolc Altar 

A simple candle ritual can be used to celebrate Imbolc and pay tribute to the deity Brighid. When setting up your altar remember to adorn it with colours of red, green and white. Plants are also an excellent choice for an Imbolc Altar as they represent new growth for the incoming Spring. Corn dolls, chalices, cauldrons and healing herbs also represent the goddess Brighid.  


Candle Rituals

Imbolc symbolizes the return of warmer days to come and candle rituals are a great way to celebrate this. Once the sun has set on this day, light seven candles, which represent aspects of the seasons and that of human existence. Several symbolize the coming of warmer months and another represents the warmth from hearth fires. One candle is lit for the veil between our world and the next and another for the feeling of love when it enters your life. Take some time to meditate on this Sabbat, a time of healing and inspiration. 


Cleansing Bath 

Known as a time of purification, Imbolc is an ideal time to take a cleansing bath. This bath not only cleanses the body also the mind and soul. Take time to meditate and reflect on the negative thoughts and feelings you want washed away. Use herbs for cleaning purposes when running the bath. Some great cleansing herbs are:




-lemon balm








Fire Scrying Ritual 

Ideally fire scrying is done outside, preferably at a bonfire, but this is not always practical. A fire inside can be used but candle flames work as well. Some people light one candle but others prefer to light multiple. Scrying is easier done with no distractions and many people like to play meditative music in the background. After the candles or fire has been lit, just take some time to watch the flames and pay attention to their patterns. Find a spot in the flames to focus your attention and allow your imagination to wander, watch and listen to see what insight the fire has to offer. 

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