Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox occurs when the sun is directly in line with the equator. In the Northern Hemisphere it welcomes the beginning of Fall and in the south it marks the start of spring. The Fall Equinox, along with the changing day length throughout the year, is attributed to the Earth’s tilted axis, possibly caused by an ancient celestial collision. This tilt is responsible for our seasons and the Fall Equinox represents the Earths shift in balance between the Earth’s hemispheres.

The Fall Equinox is considered highly sacred by many cultures around the world. The Maya built the temple of Chichen Itzq on the Yucatan Peninsula purposely designed to cast a shadow during the Fall Equinox of the feathered snake god, Kukulkan. A serpent-headed statue lies at the bottom of the pyramid and as the sun sets on the equinox, the shadow and sunlight joins the serpent’s head with its tail.

The Autumn Equinox represents for many the time to honour the harvest. Whether this be the plants in one’s garden or the emotional tidings that comes with the turmoil of the summer season. It is a threshold for great change in all aspects of life and marks the beginning of darker days. The time of Harvest is a time to reflect on personal growth and reconnect with the larger cycles of being. The Fall Equinox is perfect for establishing one’s harmony between fortunes and misfortunes, brining feelings of renewal and rebirth. Our rejuvenated mind state and health from the Harvest well equips one for the long winter season.

A great way to honour the Fall Equinox is to light a candle and meditate on the blessings of the past season. If times have been unfortunate look to the future and manifest old pleasant memories. The Autumn Equinox is a time to re-establish connections with the cold and the dark,  to understand all change comes with blessings and hardships. Even the cold night skies bring profound beauty and insight, bringing feeling of peaceful solitude. The Fall Equinox marks the threshold between the solitude of the Winter Night skies and the warm comforts of Summer Nights.

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