Crystal Shapes

Crystal Shapes

Those of you that are new to exploring the world of crystals you may take no notice to the shapes of crystals but each shape has a powerful and unique effect on the crystal. Today I wanted to provide you with a brief outline of crystal shapes and their uses.

Tumbled Stones: Tumbled stones are an affordable way to begin your crystal journey. Tumbled stones are their small size is also great for everyday use. They can be placed in your pocket, bag or wallet. Tumbled stones are also great to place in crystal grids or combine with other stones. Tumbled stones are also handy when doing on body crystal placement.

Palm Stones: Palm stones are slightly larger than tumbled stones but are great to use in many similar ways. Palm Stones work better for body crystal placement than tumbled. 

Spheres: Spheres emit energy in all directions. The symmetry of a sphere brings a sense of balance, peace and relaxation. When a sphere is used during meditation it can bring a sense of wholeness, inner peace and tranquility.

Pyramids: Pyramids are a powerful tool for manifesting and amplifying energy. Pyramids bring in high vibrations and are useful as a centre piece of a grid, in a meditation space or just around the home, office or on an altar.

Harmonizers: polished into a cylinder shape these are a tool to use for meditation. Helps break up blockages and helps balance the emotions.

Cube: The shape of the cube is associated with the Root Chakra. Used during meditation a cube will keep you grounded and connect you to mother Earth. When placed in the four corners of a room or home they will work together to bring protection, grounding and harmony to the space.

Hearts: Hearts are a reminder of love. They bring in the loving energies of the universe and the natural loving energies of the stone. Hearts attract love to you and teaches you to love yourself.

Points and Wands: These shapes manifest dreams, wishes and intentions. Points and wands are powerful tools for focusing energy in a particular direction. These can be used for grids, directing energy in or out of the body, working on energy blockages or other energy work.

Clusters: This is when multiple points grow from one matrix. This will direct energy in all directions making it a great additive to any space.

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