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Stilbite is a creative and very intuitive stone that emits a soft calming energy, using the Heart chakra to open and heal the higher chakras.  It helps to de-clutter the mind and bring focus and organization to daily tasks, helping put intuitive thoughts into action. It enhances creativity, allowing it to flow through the mind and into reality. Stilbite carries a very supportive energy that allows one freedom from any fears or external influences that may be holding them back from making decisions about their path in life, promoting positive change and building self-confidence. Using Stilbite though meditation brings inner peace and assists one in reaching higher consciousness.

Apophyllite is a very powerful and calming stone for  spirituality, and assisting in opening up the Third Eye and Crown chakras. It increases clairvoyance and intuition, assisting one in connecting with higher domains and finding their spirit guide. It gives off high vibrations of peace and love, helping to create a safe space and amplifying the energy of a space and crystals around it. Apophyllite soothes any anxiety, fear or worry, especially when held through mediation. It calms an anxious mind by absorbing and changing negative thought patterns, replacing them with structure and organization in daily life. Apophyllite rebalances ones aura, leaving an overall calm and feeling of wellbeing.

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