Ametrine Raw

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Ametrine is a natural occurring mixture of Amethyst and Citrine; this happens under very specific temperature conditions throughout its growth period that effects the oxidation state of iron that creates either Amethyst or Citrine.  Ametrine enhances ones mental and spiritual clarity, bringing harmony between ones spiritual and physical energy. Ametrine is the ultimate aid in getting things done; it boosts the imagination, expands the mind and provides logical thinking, while providing the physical energy and motivation to achieve your goals. Ametrine helps to clear away negative energy by calming the mind and allowing you to evaluate a situation with optimism and positivity. It reminds us that we are all connected, allowing us to accept others and ourselves with ease. Ametrine is a powerful tool for overcoming addictions and breaking bad habits, allowing one to let go of compulsive behaviours and enhances ones willpower. It is also beneficial in healing the mind, body and spirit after a serious illness and treatments.

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