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Amethyst Chakra Wand

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Amethyst is a stone of passion, creativity, spirituality, logic and sobriety. It is a powerful protection stone, creating a shield of light around the body, purifying the aura of any negative energy. As it absorbs negativity from the surrounding environment, it transforms it into positive loving energy sending it back into the universe. Amethyst brings stillness to the mind stimulating the third eye and crown chakras, inspiring an enhanced meditative state and the development of intuitive psychic abilities. As a talisman of focus and success, it enhances ones creativity and passion, strengthening the imagination and intuition. It allows for a clearer thought process and the drive to put thought into action, especially when new ideas arise! Amethyst stimulates and soothes emotions, helping to bring balance and strength, easing any anxiety, stress, anger, compulsive behaviour and overwhelming feelings, in turn helping to reduce over indulgence, bad habits and addiction.

Quartz is one of the oldest and most versatile crystals for healing. Known as “The Master Healer” is holds a high energy for all healing and teaching purposes. Being the most versatile and multidimensional crystal its beneficial for healing, meditation, communication, love, prosperity, strength and clarity. It amplifies all energies and intent, creating a strong base for spiritual growth, opening up the heart and mind to a higher purpose. Placed with other stones it amplifies and enhances their energies. Quartz also respells negativity and brings a positive light into ones life. Quartz can cancel out the negative effects of radiation/radioactivity. Quartz harmonizes, aligns and activates all 7 chakras.

This wand also contains 7 crystals up the front. One for each chakra. 

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