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Ambers range from $5-$62

Amber is a product of nature making it an organic gem, it is formed from a protective resin that oozed from living trees and fossilized over millions of years. Amber is a powerful cleanser and healer; it holds its own electric charge bringing an overall feeling of warmth both physically and emotionally. It draws off negative energy, replacing it with empowering positivity. It alleviates stress, anxiety and depression, helping to clear any fears or phobias. Amber brings balance and stability, helping to remove any obstacles that may be holding one back and allowing the courage to set boundaries where necessary. It strengthens ones belief in their self, aiding in manifestation and bringing prosperity to ones life.

Healing – Amber is one of the most effective energetic healers, useful during illness, as well as in healing from illness. It draws out toxins, pain, and disease from the body. It stimulates the immune system and other mechanisms of healing the body uses to restore and heal itself. It is beneficial in treatments for: kidneys, bladder, spleen, liver and gallbladder. It eases joint pain, tooth pain/aches, and bronchial issues.

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